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Digitalisation affects every aspect of our lives. It is a question of time until politics will feel its influence. International affairs are no exception. Polis180 is convinced that it is necessary to anticipate future developments and to shape the political process by providing innovative ideas and sciences-based recommendations.

What are the topics we are dealing with?

Several technologies have the potential to become relevant in international affairs. From artificial intelligence in autonomous warfare, to social media in digital diplomacy, the implications of digital warfare for international law, and the start-up economy on a European level – we want to cover those aspects we consider the most important for the young generation.

How will the programme address these topics?

Technology is a hard to understand. In order to productively participate in the discussion, we want to give our members a sufficient understanding of the fundamentals behind it. Therefore, we will organize workshops tackling the foundations of artificial intelligence, the technological basis for the internet, basics of programming and much more. Additionally, we organize and execute several different events using innovative formats like Scenario Workshops, Fishbowls and others. Our driving question will be: How can we build a bridge between policy-makers and the tech-community?

What are the goals for the next year?

Within the next year, we want to set up at least two long-lasting projects, covering a broader topic like the EU’s Digital Single Market. Furthermore, the programme aims at developing its first policy paper until May next year.

What are the next steps?

In order to launch our new programme, we want to start with an initial kick-off workshop that provides interested people the opportunity to become involved in the programme’s development. The workshop will cover the strategic foundation, topic selection and milestone planning.

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